Social Media and its uses for business

In the last decade or so, there has come about a sea change in the way we interact with each other. The society has witnessed these changes through technology. Today, consuming information is easier and faster than it has ever been in anytime throughout human history. The reason behind this is the dramatic rise of technology in our personal lives, one aspect of which is social media or TV reklamefilm. It has given us access to virtually everyone we want to know on the planet. Individual and masses, both have been impacted. How we form groups, how we complain or admire, how we raise matters, everything is now changed.

Suppose a decade ago, a company would have cheated you by giving you a sub-par quality product, your opinion about the product would not have mattered much to the company. Your personal complaint would have little or no impact on how they conducted their day to day working. This powerlessness was because as an individual, your immediate social life was open to very few people with limited communication because of place and time constraints. Today, we know about our cousin who is in Paris, France, who has just posted a photo of him in a museum. We have an instant and ubiquitous connectivity with each other.

We meet people online, we form groups and connect with society in general. Now, your opinion matters as an individual. One has gone from being a consumer of information to a contributor in a discussion. A consumer now has voice and impact. This dramatic shift in mass communication has also impacted businesses. A business now faces both opportunity and responsibility.

As a business, now you have access to an unprecedented data about personal lives of consumers. This information gives you the opportunity to make products that can be tailored and customized to fit the idiosyncrasy of an individual. On the other hand, if you mistreat a customer, he or she has the power to make or break your brand image. Whether we like it or not, social media is here to stay. Realizing that it is a very powerful tool which we as a business should embrace and not fear.

It gives you the opportunity to connect with people and serve them better. Getting customer insights is the most important advantage of social media. With that, you would increase awareness about your brand and convert that into loyalty, ultimately resulting in more sales. Things like geotargeting and tagging will help you focus on the choicest of your ideal market. People consume almost every kind of information through social media whether it be personal or general, You brand should be there because that’s where the people are.

Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or WhatsApp, the flow of information is getting thicker, and faster day after day. Your job should be to be there when your customer needs you. You should listen closely to what people are saying and change your strategies accordingly. Remember, you are closest to your customer than you have ever been now it is your duty to listen to the music to grow rapidly.

The tools are, use them wisely.